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Abandon hope all ye who enter here.


 The opinions and thoughts expressed here are entirely my own.

You may not agree with what I post, and you are more than free to disagree. I look forward to a civil exchange of views. 

If I cite something specific I will include source material.  

If you would like more information on a particular topic I am happy to give you a multi-layered, extrapolated view, based on experience, training and research.

My practice is to follow all media outlets, including the less than reputable ones.  I have found it is important to know what all people think and feel about issues and how confirmation bias can skew a message.

My covenant with you, is to always engage in Truth Seeking and to make amends if I lead you astray.

That being said:

Profanity is an exceptable form of communication, and don't be personally abusive.

Abuse will get you thrown out of Between. 

"Wisdom is knowing what to do.

Virtue is doing it."


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