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  BA:  Law and Justice  

  MA:  Clinical Psychology  

  Former Police Officer  

  Former Public Defense Investigator  

  Former Attorney General Investigator  

  Practicing Mental Health Provider  


  Mother of Cats  


Childhood, in the Pacific Northwest, was comprised of; dancing barefoot in the rain, absolute freedom to roam, a sense of invincibility, pride in the acuity of my reflexes and power of my body.  I was an odd child, curious, athletic and fearless, when I trusted my competence. I had a keen sense of what would ignite my parents displeasure and my common refrain was, "We are going to get in trouble," when my three brothers  engaged us in some knucklehead scheme.   My horse, Beau, was my best friend and constant companion.  He gave me freedom to roam the 100 acre cattle ranch, I was raised on from the age of 10 until I left for college.  I showed cows and pigs at the local county and state fairs.  I enjoyed gymnastics, track and cross country in high school.  I knew when I was 14 I wanted to be a police officer.  I also knew that I wasn't that smart (having un-diagnosed dyslexia can give a false impression.)  I found work-arounds for my poor grads.  My childhood was interesting, rich and loamy.  

Hard work luck, resilience, privilege and intrepid determination earned priceless rewards. 

Never give up. My dreams evolved, my perspective is multidimensional. 

I am blessed.

Artificer  Class

Time Docent

History Clip

Master: Class:  Existential Extrapolation



Badger Pocket  Hive :  Station Chief.

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